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Dear friend,
I was on channel 2 news 9 times a day and everywhere I go people ask me the same question “Hey Bogey, since your in the consumer business, I know you know everybody, where can I go to get a personal loan?” I tell them “You came to the right guy. I have joined a wonderful company that I fully endorse. American Benefit Finance, which is in the same business as I am, helping people. Their friendly knowledgeable staff are unbelievable. They are everything I believe in. Their staff is trained to create a tailored loan specifically to each borrowers budget. I strongly urge you to apply today! On the front page of the Wall Street Journal I was voted #1 Consumer advocate in the country.  For the last 3 years I was at KCBS Channel 2 new in Los Angeles. I have been in the consumer
business for over 40 years.



Provider Endorsements & Testimonials

"Their first concern is to help people get the financing they need for the procedure they desire. Their “customer service first” approach to this often-cold world of consumer finance is refreshing. The first person a patient speaks to is a customer service representative who informs the patient of the services provided by ABFCredit. A loan specialist then works with the patient to tailor financing for the procedure recommended by the physician. "

Steven R. Gundry M.D
International Heart and Lung Institue


"We enjoy working with American Benefit Credit for many reasons including ABF’s courteous and prompt attention to our clients, no fees to the physician, and our clients find it easy to apply for loans. Other finance companies have been difficult, and in some cases untruthful, but ABF has been very easy to deal with. Their straightforward, honest approach is greatly appreciated when dealing with our most valuable clients."

Tim Hulsey, MD
Bowling Green, KY

"Choosing to work with American Benefit Credit has been such an added “benefit” we offer to our patients. The staff has proven to be efficient, knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly punctual. There are never any fees to the practice and the patients are able to achieve their personal goals. More importantly, the patients are able to receive the kind of personal attention our practice prides itself on and we thank them."

Arizona Centre Plastic Surgery
Tucson, AZ

"American Benefit Credit gives our patients options to financial resources to take control of their lives and make positive changes. ABF offers quick and easy solutions to financial issues for many of our patients."

Carmel Surgical Specialists
Carmel, IN

"American Benefit Credit is our Number One choice when recommending financing to our patients. They are prompt to respond to inquiries, very pleasant to deal with from start to finish, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that there is no cost to our practice to use them!"

Hedieh A. Stefanacci,
MDFresno, CA

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