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What is American Benefit Finance?
ABFCredit is a flexible patient/client payment program, specifically designed for healthcare expenses, that makes it easier for you to get the treatment or procedures you want and need. ABFCredit is ideal for co-payments, deductibles, treatment and procedures not covered by insurance, and can be used at over 160,000 practices nationwide.

How can ABFCredit help me get the treatment or procedure I want?
ABFCredit lets you begin your treatment or procedure immediately—then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that are easy to fit into your monthly budget. Click here to Apply Now.

What type of payment plans do you offer?
ABFCredit offers a full range of No Interest and Extended Payment Plans for treatment fees from $1500 to over $100,000. *

Extended Payment Plans
24, 36, 48, 60 & 72 month plan options
 We finance from $1,000 to over $100,000
 Interest rates from 1% APR* (Secured Loans offer lower rates)
 Low Monthly Payments and affordable rates

With ABFCredit, you pay no up-front costs, ABFCredit offers a revolving credit line for some procedures and water purifiers.  You can add-on charges, without the need to re-apply.

*Please note: All plans may not be available at all healthcare providers. To find out which plans are available in your provider's practice, be sure to speak with the Office Manager or Financial Coordinator

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